Support groups for new moms come in many guises. Sometimes, it’s the luck of the draw when you find out a mom or two in your neighborhood are walking infants in strollers as well. A coffee date or two and you’ve just made lifelong friend.

Other times, it’s not that easy. It may require a bit of effort on your part to check out and visit mom groups in your area. However, these groups of women – all of whom are walking your walk – are invaluable when it comes to providing support, friendship, advice, tips or simply the gift of having a great sounding board when you need one.

Support Groups for New Moms in and Around the Bellevue Area

Here are some of our favorite support groups that live and function right here in the Bellevue area:

La Leche League

One of our favorite things about La Leche League is that, in addition to being an internationally recognized support group for new moms – they’re especially dedicated to supporting the breastfeeding mother and baby at every level.

You are more than welcome to attend La Leche League meetings before you’ve given birth, a great way to get to know members beforehand. Babies are welcome and encouraged at their meetings.

MOMS Club of Bellevue

Also, an international group, MOMS Club of Bellevue is dedicated to both full- and part-

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time stay-at-home moms. Their meetings take place during the day – when stay-at-home moms need the most support and they also plan all kinds of other fun activities – including outings and get-togethers that are “moms only” or family-oriented. A MOMS Club date may find you at local coffee shops or parks, enjoying holiday-themed parties or reclaiming your identity at the ever-popular MOMS Nights Out! They also take part in service-oriented activities that give back to the community.

Bellevue-Eastside Active Moms Group (**BEAM**)

BEAM is for mom’s only (no dads, grandparents or nannies) and is a fun-loving group of moms ranging from 20 to 50, all of whom enjoy getting together and planning fun activities. Most of the meetings and activities are oriented for pre-school and toddler ages since they’re the ones who are spending time with mom at home, however siblings are always welcome.

Support for Post-Partum Depression

Is new motherhood turning out to be more challenging than you anticipated? Are you experiencing the symptoms of post-partum depression, anxiety or even anger? You are not alone. Read, Let’s Talk About Post-Partum Depression, for starters.

If you’re looking for post-partum support, visit Post-Partum Support International and get in touch with the Washington chapter. You’ll find invaluable support and helpful information that will get you back on track.

Fitness For Moms (FIT4MOM)

FIT4MOM Bellevue and Mercer Island is a wonderful network – dedicated to helping moms stay in shape and live healthy lifestyles all within the framework of a Mom-for-Mom support network. They offer gym classes, mommy-and-me fitness options, as well as support and education for moms who want to aspire to optimal health and well-being.

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