Summertime and pregnant living isn’t always easy. There’s record breaking heat in the Northwest, other women are cooling off in cute little sundresses, and some of your favorite summer activities (sipping a cold beer at a BBQ, for example) may be off limits now that you’re pregnant. Plus, all that extra heat can also exacerbate typical pregnancy discomforts.

Tips For Surviving the Summer – Especially When You’re VERY Pregnant

For that reason, we put together this Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide that will help you to be comfortable, healthy, feeling good and having your fair share of summertime fun.

1. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is always important, especially when you’re pregnant. You want to keep your blood circulating, energy up, cells hydrated and the amniotic fluid replenished. Summertime can mean sweating more than usual because all the extra blood circulated by your pregnant body. That combined with an increased metabolism and elevated external temperatures, cause you to perspire without even realizing it. Air conditioning in your home, car and most businesses means breathing dryer air, which further dehydrates you.

Keep a large water bottle in all your favorite sitting and resting spots. If water isn’t your typical thirst-quencher of choice, try including freshly sliced lemon wedges, cucumber, oranges and/or mint leaves to add a little extra flavor boost. If possible, minimize drinks that act as diuretics such as caffeinated sodas, coffee and tea.

2. Learn a few new non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. All those frosty cocktails and drinks at summer parties and BBQs can look awfully tasty on a hot summer day or night – but alcohol is off limits for pregnant mamas. Check out these Favorite Nonalcoholic Drinks. The refreshing spritzers and other “mocktail” recipes listed there will give you the same fun flavor boost without the potentially damaging alcohol. Plus, other underage, pregnant or reformed party guests will appreciate the variety of options as well.

3. Embrace that belly. Pregnant bellies are summer pregnancy survivalrevered, celebrated and considered a sacred feature.  You are growing a human in there and summer is the best season to show that off. Most bikinis can accommodate the belly. If you prefer one-pieces or tankinis, knock yourself out because cute maternity versions of your favorite cuts and patterns are available. Maternity sundresses and tanks abound this time of year. We guarantee that when you embrace that belly and show it off, you’ll get oodles of positive attention and will feel sexy to boot.

4. Get those feet up. Your pregnancy should be peppered with small rest times, naps and earlier evenings whenever possible – especially when weather turns hotter, as social activities pick up or as your pregnancy progresses into the third trimester. Heat can exacerbate regular pregnancy swelling in your feet and ankles so getting your feet up as often as possible, barefoot preferred so your skin is unrestrained, will help to keep swelling to a minimal. Minimizing salty food intake will also help. If swelling seems more dramatic than normal or spreads into your hands and face, check in with your doctor to make sure everything is okay, especially if the swelling is accompanied by headaches, dizziness or other discomforts.

5. Eat smaller meals. It’s hard not to pig out at summertime festivities but, once you are in your 2nd and 3rd trimesters, a full stomach makes you more prone to heartburn and tummy upset because there simply isn’t a whole lot of room left in there. Eating smaller meals more often will make you feel better. Take advantage of all the delicious fruits and veggies available this time of year, which taste great, help to replenish fluids and are loaded with nutrients.

6. Go Swimming! Have a pool, lake or ocean at your disposal? Take advantage of it! Your body will feel amazing when it is completely supported by water. Plus, it’s a great way to get an all-body cool down. If exercising has become more difficult for you, or exercising in the cool morning hours is a challenge, check into local water exercise classes or try swimming laps. Both are a wonderful way to burn calories, maintain strength and flexibility and work out in a completely supportive environment.

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