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From adolescence to menopause, we take care of the medical needs of women through every stage of their life. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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Overlake OB/GYN Covid-19 protocols and safeguards have been instituted for the protection of our patients and staff. This includes mandatory screening at check in and limiting visitors to 1 per patient. Masks are required at all times. No children between the ages of 2 months to 13 years of age can be admitted to the clinic at this time. (Newborn, post-partum babies only up to the age of 2 months are allowed.) We will continue to offer telemedicine interactions for those appointments our providers deem appropriate but remind patients that only certain types of appointments are appropriate.

Thank you for your acceptance, cooperation and patience during these changing times.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in the preventative approach to medical care and use patient education to improve the health choices of the women who come to us for care. We enjoy every aspect of our practice, whether delivering a new baby, gynecological needs, or helping an infertile woman conceive her child. We are dedicated to our patients and their health.

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