Omicron Variant Covid Vaccination

New variant, new problems.

Should I get the COVID Vaccination While Pregnant?

As a result of the new COVID variation mutation called Omicron, not only are parents concerned, but now pregnant women are asking the question more intensely than before about whether they should receive the COVID vaccination while pregnant or after the child is born.

But what is the answer?

According to the CDC, pregnant women are positioned alongside terminally ill individuals and those with impacted or lacking strong immunity as to the risks of continuing life unvaccinated. This shows not only a heightened threat of infection but also a risk of stronger illness when diagnosed and a higher risk of long-term effects becoming possibly permanent as well. In fact, the CDC not only recommends the shot but a booster as soon as possible. Data reports state that unvaccinated pregnant patients who contract COVID-19 are five times more likely to land in the ICU, 14 times more likely to need intubation, and have 15 times higher mortality rates.

In fact, not only will the antibodies assist the mother, but they will also assist the child tremendously. Dr. Emily West recently reported to Yahoo News“Studies have shown that mothers pass protective antibodies from the vaccine to the baby through the placenta and breast milk. Antibodies can help protect the child from the virus during pregnancy and in their first months of life. In addition, data has shown that it is safe to receive any of the three vaccines approved in the U.S. while pregnant.”

While it is understood to be concerned, the concern is not only prospectively affecting the mother and child but also the nation’s ability to stay safe as a whole. West reported that about two-thirds of pregnant women are unvaccinated.

This leaves a significant gap in the vaccinated population necessary to continue the fight to return to normalcy and end the epidemic.

As to becoming pregnant again, fertility effects are not currently reported. Therefore, in the end, while concern is understandable, reports and studies say vaccination is key for both the health of those involved and the nation as a whole.

Still have questions?

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