mom ready to travel with kids

7 Tips to Keep You (and your kids) Sane During Holiday Travels

Whether you’re going by plane, train, or automobile – traveling with kiddos is no easy feat. The holidays often mean lots of schlepping – and, in some cases, it means traveling two months in a row. The best thing you can do is be prepared and take heed of these 7 tips from travel-scarred parenting experts.

1. Try to build positive anticipation

Traveling might be fun for toddlers and little ones, but it’s also a little scary. There are tons of new experiences, lots of sensory input, and their spongy beings will absorb any negative anticipation or tension they sense from you. Be careful about the travel language you use with other adults when little ones are in the room. If you feign excitement with Tommy, but then Tommy hears you say, “Argh! We’re about to embark on the nightmare of an airplane with three kids…” to your sister-in-law, the cat’s out of the bag and all Tommy just took in was “nightmare,” “airplane,” and “kids,” which can add stress and worry.

2. Let them pick one favorite in each category

Some of the fun of it for the kids is deciding which of their favorite books/toys/etc. they will bring. Let this be a part of the week leading up to the trip so they have ample time to change their mind, add and subtract, until “The Big Day.” Then all decisions are final, and you don’t have to deal with an argument and/or meltdown before you leave for the airport or into the car.

3. Purchase a novelty item or two

Keep a novelty item or two in your bags and let the element of surprise eat up some time once you are in place – on a plane, train, or in the car. Save it until there’s a distraction before bringing it out. Sometimes, toddlers will stay pretty interested in the people and things going on around them on a plane or train, so let them entertain themselves and only bring the big guns when you need them.

4. Let them pack their own items

If your toddlers are old enough, let them carry some of their own stuff – including the diapers and wipes needed for the plane or train ride. Pack an extra set of clothes for each kid and stash plenty of plastic bags. If, worst-case scenario, they get sick, you’ll have an emergency backup plan. Be wary of those small rolling bags. They look great at first glance – but they are tippy, and until your little one is older, you might find you have to take over. A good old-fashioned backpack is the best way to go.

5. Show them pictures

If you are staying in a hotel, show your kids pictures online of the hotel, room, and grounds. Explain what “staying in a hotel” means. If they are meeting new relatives, go on Facebook or through your photos and show them who’s who. The more prepared they are – and familiar they feel – with their surroundings when they get there, the less stressful it will be. The less stressed they are, the fewer outbursts you’ll have to contend with.

6. Be snack-ready

Meals might be an impossibility for your child(ren) to manage because of all the distractions they are faced with. And, if there’s anything worse than a cranky child, it’s a hungry, cranky child. Be very snack-ready – armed with their favorites and maybe a few treats. While you don’t want to give them a sugar high, this is an excellent time to loosen up on a few of those more stringent food rules you usually stick to. Let them have some of the treats they don’t typically have access to – like drinkable yogurts, fruit snacks or fruit roll-ups, and so on. There are plenty of healthy, organic versions made with real juice and ingredients, and your child’s complacency will be worth a slight bending of the rules.

7. Give your kids a camera

Splurge and buy a disposable camera for each of your kids. Even the toddlers will get a kick out of it, and you’ll be very entertained when you get to see the finished products – the world as your child sees it, including what they feel is important. Some kids are entertained for long periods of time, and really little ones don’t figure out they’ve run out of pictures!

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