Kid Friendly Restaurants in IssaquahThere’s nothing worse than looking forward to a meal out – no prepping/cooking/cleaning/etc. – only to have a rambunctious kid or intolerant table neighbors take the “Aaaaaah” right out of it. That’s why we thought we’d put together a list of our five favorite restaurants for moms and kids here in Issaquah.

Once you find a few favorite family-friendly restaurants, you and your mom friends or you and your beloved can eat a meal out and actually enjoy yourselves.

Five Family-friendly Issaquah Restaurants for Moms and Kids

Here are our recommendations, in no particular order:

1. Taqueríia la Venadita. There are so many reasons why this place is a great place to go out with kids. First, they bring snacks to the table (aka – chips and salsa) first thing. You gotta love that. There is food for every picky taste, lots of things that can be eaten by hand and they can easily accommodate groups. AtTaquería la Venadita, the food is delicious and the service is fast, always a bonus when you’re dining with kids. Plus, it’s cheap.

2. Issaquah Café.  Every family needs a favorite place for breakfast. Every mom’s group needs a favorite place to hang with the little ones after driving the big ones to school. The Issaquah Café meets both of these needs. They are only open for breakfast and lunch (Don’s those always make the best breakfast places?) and almost all of their food is homemade. We’re talking homemade corned beef hash, homemade hollandaise for the eggs benedict, and so on and so forth. The service is attentive and friendly, and the servers are sweet with the kiddos.

3. Fins Bistro. So often the “kid friendly” label is attached to dingier, grimier or more chaotic dining establishments, which is fine – we love almost anywhere we can bring our kids, right? But sometimes you want to dine in a little more style. That’s where Fins Bistro comes in. The décor speaks of a more upscale place, the menu is delicious but the restaurant is still accommodating for families. They are a favorite place for brunches, and for Friday or Saturday dinners, or a holiday weekend brunch, you might want to make reservations just in case. Another bonus, they have an excellent wine menu, so if you can get your kids to color quietly for a while (or if you are up for letting them have a little “iPhone screen time, for special!”) you might even be able to enjoy a glass of wine paired with the perfect dish.

4. Tao Bistro. As long as we’re in the bistro mood, we might as well stay there. Have you visited Tao Bistro? If not, check it out. We think it’s a great place to spend Family Date Night. This is a Taiwanese Asian Fusion restaurant, which means there are all kinds of fun, unique, and interactive finger foods (always a favorite for little ones) to try out. For example, the Personal Hot Pots where you can help the kids put their meat and veggies in the boiling broth to cook it, and then take the food back out and eat it with special sauces. Noodles, veggies, small fried meats, rice dishes – it’s all available and easy to share.

5. Zeek’s Pizza. No “Mom’s Favorite Restaurants” list can be complete without a Pizza parlor recommendation, and we recommend Zeek’s Pizza. This is the place where you can order pitchers of soda and beer, everyone’s tastes are met (“Can we have 1/3 cheese, 1/3 canadian bacon and pineapple, and 1/3 sauce only?), and kids have the freedom to move around a bit. And, just so you know, Monday night is “Family Night” and kids eat for free. FREE! Looks like you found a new place to hang out to nurse the Monday blues. Plus, your kids will love the cool pizza names like “Dragon”, “Treehugger”, and the “Thai One On.”

At Overlake, we want our mom’s and kids to be happy in and out of our office. What are some of your favorite recommendations for Mom and Kid-friendly restaurants in Issaquah? Please share them with us in the comment box below.