Parenting is certainly not for the faint of heart. And, where once new moms and dads may have felt a sense of isolation (heck, we still do sometimes…!), the internet and the blogosphere provide an online support network of other parents – just like us – who aren’t afraid to share their own trials and tribulations.

Overlake’s 5 Favorite Parenting Blogs

Most of the blogs we selected as our favorite can be equally funny and heartbreaking, shocking and comforting, reaffirming and refreshing – and they can also be chock full of helpful parenting hacks.

1) Five Kids is a Lot of Kids

It sure is, which is what makes Beth Woolsey’s blog so darn awesome. How can we not trust the advice and solutions offered by a woman with this much parenting experience – and children who run the gamut from biological, to adopted, male and female, and a decade+ age range?

Plus, all that wisdom is paired with a hearty dose of humor (note that her URL is actually put-down-the-urinal cake). You’ll enjoy plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

2) Foster the Family

Jamie Finn is a biological mom, but she’s also a foster mom. They have fostered and

parenting blogs

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adopted children, and they always have at least one foster child living with them. In addition to being a foster family advocate – willing to encourage and share advice with anyone interested in learning more about fostering – Jamie is also a homeschooling mom, providing valuable insight to parents opting to do the same for their children.

3) Messy Motherhood

Reading Messy Motherhood is a double-feature because in addition to some entertaining posts, you also receive scientifically-backed tips/insights written by author Amanda, who was/is a children’s mental health specialist by trade. At this point, she prefers staying at home with her two boys – and is well-known for her 5-Day Stop Yelling Challenge and intentional play recommendations that foster stronger parent-child relationships.

4) Have Baby Will Travel

Are you a parent who wants to travel with your kids? Some of our staff are seasoned travelers as well, and we’ve all enjoyed the tricks and tips Corinne McDermott and her writers have shared about traveling, flying, etc. with babies and young children. Planning a trip? Wanting to travel more with children? Need advice on how to sterilize bottles in hotel sinks? Have Baby Will Travel has you covered.

5) Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is probably one of the most “famous” parenting blog – but we can’t not list it because it’s famous for a reason and covers every topic under the sun. There are also some pretty funny videos to watch, like How to Deal With Your Kids’ Lice Without Losing Your SH%$, and telling the difference between vaginal yeast and bacterial infections (we told you…every topic under the sun!). While the blog was originally a one-woman, stay-at-home-parent show, run by Jill Smokler, Scary Mommy is now world-famous and has multiple mommy/parent blogger contributors.

Don’t ever think “you’re alone” or “the only one who…” when it comes to parenting. From the good, the bad and the very ugly – there are plenty of people just like you – and we’re all reading these blogs to keep our sanity!

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