Father’s Day means different things for different people. If you’re a daughter, you celebrate your own dad. If you’re a sister, and you don’t yet have children of your own, odds are you send Father’s Day congrats to your brother. If you’re newly pregnant, you may also use the holiday to break the news to the dad-to-be!

This Father’s Day, Overlake OB/GYN wants to honor the myriad of dads out there.

Happy Father's Day - Father And Daughter Smiling

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Happy Father’s Day To a Myriad of Dads

Maybe this list will inspire you to add a few more names to your list of Father’s Day card recipients this year.

  1. Your Dad. Was your dad the top nominee for the Father of the Year award? If so, this one’s a no-brainer. You’re already planning your Father’s Day celebration a month or more in advance. If your dad wasn’t the dad you always dreamed of, perhaps this year can be spent making amends, finding a new level or forgiveness or creating space to honor the ways he was able to be there for you, no matter how small they were.
  2. Your Children’s Dad. Sometimes that man is the one you love and live with, in which case you are very lucky. Have a BBQ, give him a day to himself at home or take him out for a surprise fun day to let him know how much you appreciate him.
  3. The Ex-Husband Dad. Separation or divorce can make this day an emotionally tricky one, especially if your relationship with your ex is rocky at best. Try to step outside of your own grievances and help your children find a special and meaningful way to honor their dad. He will appreciate it, and you’ll be setting a wonderful and magnanimous example for your children.
  4. The Awesome Step-Dad. Whether your kids’ father is in or out of the picture, step-fathers can play a very special role in their step-children’s lives. Honor your mate’s role as a step-father, and thank him for all the support he provides, even if your own children don’t see it quite that way…yet.
  5. Gay Dads. It’s a pretty awesome thing that same-sex couples can now enjoy fatherhood as well. It used to be that choosing to be “out”, and living in a committed gay relationship, meant having to forsake one’s dream of fatherhood and raising a family. Give your gay dad friends or relatives a special shout-out this year.
  6. Uncle Dads. If you have a close relationship with your male siblings, odds are you have loved watching them embrace their role as a father to your nieces and nephews. Give your brother a small gift, a card, a special photo of him and his children, or just a little something to say you notice what a great job he’s doing.
  7. The Grandpa-Dad. Family dynamics can be complicated, and it’s often one or more of the grandparents who take on roles that are traditionally held by the parent. Was your grandfather the prominent male role model in your life? Has your father been the one who sets the masculine example for your children? There’s no reason why you can’t honor a grandpa who played a fatherly role in your and/or your children’s lives.
  8. The Sperm Donor Dad. Did you and your husband use a known sperm donor to facilitate your pregnancy? What a miracle modern technology and medical innovations have been for the infertile couple. If you know who your sperm donor is, it might be worthwhile to send him a thank you note or some kind of message honoring the role he played in your partner’s ability to become a father.
  9. The Non-Relative Father. Was there a man who played a special role in your life? Teachers, coaches, neighbors, friends’ parents – often, adults outside our own family network leave impressions that continue to resonate long after your childhood and young adult years. If you were fortunate enough to have a male role model like that, send him a Happy Father’s Day or Thank You card and let him know how grateful you are.
  10. Your Child’s Male Role Model. Similarly, there may be a special man that has given of his time and energy to help shape and mold your child. This is a great opportunity to express your gratitude, or have your child do it if he/she is old enough, and let him know his efforts are seen, felt and appreciated.

Overlake OB/GYN wishes all of our clients a very happy Father’s Day.